Alfred Adler's Family Constellation

Sigmund Adler *

(Male, born August 1868)

Alfred Adler

(Male, born February 1870)

Hermione Adler

(Female, born October 1871)

Rudolf Adler

(Male, born May 1873, died January 1874)

Irma Adler

(Female, born November 1874)

Max Adler

(Male, born March 1877)

Richard Adler

(Male, born October 1884)

* According to family tradition, before Sigmund

came a child called Albert, who died in infancy.

However, no official record of his birth exists.

Carl Gustav Jung's Family Constellation

Paul Jung

(Male, born August 1873, died August 1873)

Carl Gustav Jung

(Male, born July 1875)

Gertrud Jung

(Female, born July 1884)

Meanie Klein's Family Constellation

Emilie Reizes

(Female, born 1876)

Emmanuel Reizes

(Male, born 1877)

Sidonie Reizes

(Female, born 1878, died 1886)

Melanie Reizes (later Klein)

(Female, born March 1882)

Jacques Lacan's Family Constellation

Jacques Lacan

(Male, born April 1900)

Raymond Lacan

(Male, born 1902, died 1904)

Madeleine Lacan

(Female, born December 1903)

Marc-Marie Lacan

(Male, born December 1908)


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