Richthofen and his brothers

Richthofen's self confidence is clearly in evidence in this family snapshot of 1907. He stares straight into the camera and smiles, a rare sight in early twentieth century photographs. He is the centre of attention spatially here and is also controlling the picture as he has placed his foot on the sledge in such a way that it would take just one kick to send both his younger brothers flying. Lothar (right in picture) gazes sideways at his brother in symbolic expectation of what was to come, whilst four-year-old Karl Bolko remains oblivious to it all.

Michael and the class of 89

Similarly, the young Michael Schumacher appears relaxed and self-assured in this Formula Three picture from 1989. He smiles at a fixed point (probably the watching crowd) whilst most of the other drivers appear intimidated, nervous and unsure of where to look. Whilst the young man on Michael's immediate left is smiling (rather nervously) at the camera, he has his head tipped downwards as if afraid or embarrassed. Michael is the only one of the young drivers to be holding his head up and has assumed a confident posture with his hands folded, (the "Lord of all I survey" position). He is also the centre of attention spatially.


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