Richthofen with a live trophy

Here Richthofen (on the far left of the picture) ignores the camera, by now more than used to its presence, and clearly appears more interested in the man to the far right of the photograph, Algernon Bird, who had just become his sixty first "victory". Bird is aware of the camera but appears fairly relaxed. He is clearly happy to be alive; more often than not pilots who came into combat with Richthofen were killed in the ensuing battle.


Cold War

This picture illustrates clearly the animosity that exists between Michael Schumacher and Damon Hill. Damon glares at Michael with distinct mistrust in his dark eyes, whilst Michael adopts a typical lord-of-all-I-survey expression (again!) with his head slightly inclined upwards, staring past Damon as if he is unaware of him (or does not care what he thinks). The atmosphere of hostility generated by this photo is not present in the picture above it, when Britain and Germany really were at war.

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