Ralf being castrated by Damon.....

1) Spa 1998. Ralf's body language says it all. He is aggrieved that he was not allowed to challenge Damon Hill for the lead during the race and is not to be consoled with his first-ever second place. He sulks in the corner like a naughty child whilst Damon is elated at his first victory in well over a year and Jordan's first ever win, jumping on the podium like Ralf's brother Michael usually does. This picture appeared on the front cover of the Guardian with Ralf deleted.


.....and Michael

2) Italy 1998. Two weeks later an almost identical picture appeared on the front page of the Guardian. This time it was Ralf's elder brother who was the champion and Ralf was left in the picture to illustrate the differences between the two siblings. Ralf is not as visibly upset here as he was at Spa but his joy on the podium with third place does seen somewhat subdued.

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